The Whole Truth  by Doug Marman

The real subject of this book is about truth and how we find it. It begins with a public, Internet dialogue about one of the most unique individuals of the twentieth century: The spiritual rebel Paul Twitchell. Digging for the truth behind accusations of cover-up and fraud unravels a pattern of imagined plots arising from rumors that were promoted for more than twenty years.

The Whole Truth by Doug MarmanThe story blows open a window onto the spiritual conflicts of our age: It shows the battles that develop over new beliefs because of their power to change lives; the tactics used to sway public opinion against religious groups; and the challenge of finding truth in our modern age of media authorities.

The book then investigates the authenticity of spiritual teachings that are based on personal experience and individuality rather than fixed ways of thinking, and the problem seekers must face with public opinion in their search for truth.

In an age when the Western world has come to expect disillusionment from every public figure, this book tells a different story. It demonstrates how open and respectful dialogue restores confidence and acts as an antidote to the streams of half truths in public criticism. It shows how belief based in personal study and direct experience can be relied upon, while exposés, if we are not careful, can lead us farther from the truth they claim to expose.

The Whole Truth includes archived photos and information on Paul Twitchell that have never been published before. 

ISBN 9780979326004 / 521 pages / $19.95

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Doug Marman

Doug MarmanDoug Marman has been writing, lecturing and leading classes on spirituality and the exploration of consciousness for over thirty years. His varied work has led him through successful careers in a wide range of professions, including: reporter, photographer, editor, inventor (with more than 20 patents), engineer, marketing manager, and corporate executive at one of the largest companies in the world.

He is now co-founder of a technology start-up. He lives Pacific Northwest of the United States, with his wife and family. He is also the author of The Silent Questions - A Spiritual Odyssey and It Is What It Is - The Personal Discourses of Rumi.


”I finally had time to get at your excellent book. Now and forever, I have the perfect advice for individuals who inquire about Paul Twitchell: READ MARMAN'S BOOK. IT IS THE FINAL WORD. A WORK OF EXACTING SCHOLARSHIP.“ (Steiger's caps)
—BRAD STEIGER, author of In My Soul I Am Free, first Paul Twitchell biography

”I was very elated to read your book The Whole Truth. I thought, finally, someone got the whole thing right. Eckankar was Paul's way of life and the way he lived. I loved Paul very much. I believed in him. I embraced everything he did. It was my life too. To my knowledge I have never said anything against Paul or Eckankar. I'm not sure where people come up with this nonsense. The point now is, Doug, you are the one who has taken Paul's work and put it in the proper perspective. Thank you so much!“

Excerpt from The Whole Truth

Before you can give Truth to others, Truth must be known as the absolute need in your life. We must see Truth and know Truth and think Truth always.

Refuse to see Truth, pretend that it is impossible to know what is true and what is not, distort Truth, seek to mix it with Untruth, attempt to deceive both ourselves and others, give Truth in an unattractive manner, then chaos will reign in our lives...

This is the time for Truth “the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.” This is no time for half-Truths, for bewilderment and lack of understanding. These constitute the soil in which grief grows. In Truth alone there is comfort, understanding and courage.

Paul Twitchell, The Flute of God


Separating Opinions from Truth

In 1965, Paul Twitchell began lecturing, writing and offering mail-order courses about a teaching he called ECKANKAR, The Ancient Science of Soul Travel. Within a few years, he had published a series of books, expanded his list of monthly discourses, and began holding regional and world-wide seminars that attracted thousands of people.

David Lane wrote in his book, The Making of a Spiritual Movement:

The single greatest factor to Eckankar's astounding growth, outside of its spiritual message and Twitchell's personality, was the time in which Eckankar blossomed. The late 1960's were a time of considerable discontent in American society. Eckankar was born in the very midst of a growing disenchantment within secular society for “orthodox” religions. The rebellious youth were turning toward the East; mysticism, yoga, and Zen were the “in” thing. Eckankar, however, was different. It was unique in that it took from the East teachings regarding karma, shabd yoga, and reincarnation while essentially remaining a Western-based movement…Eckankar offered one such new exploration – an exploration into higher consciousness.

Although not widely known at the time, Eckankar became one of the most popular emerging spiritual movements of the 1960's and 70's. It gained more followers than the confrontational new religions of the day, such as the Hare Krishnas, the Moonies (Unification Church), and Divine Light Mission. These groups created a host of antagonistic reactions and public controversy. On the other hand, Eckankar generated little press. The reason was simple: Paul Twitchell never tried to convert people, and his teachings were experience-based rather than faith-based. (continued)


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